Today I want to talk with you about the band Fun.

As you probably know, Fun. is a rock band from the United States, consisting of Nate Ruess (lead singer), Jack Antonoff (lead guitarist) and Andrew Dost (multi-instrumentalist). They earned a lot of fame with their 2012 album ‘Some Nights’, what in my opinion is one of the best albums made in the 2010’s so far. Especially the songs ‘We Are Young’ (ft. Janelle Monáe) and ‘Carry On’ are, in my opinion, extremely good. Well, it’s been 5 years, and we’re all waiting for new Fun. music. The bad news is that we probably are going to be disappointed. Reports say that some of the band members are barely talking to each other and clashing of ego’s is listed as one of the main reasons. It’s really sad, but there’s also good news: two of the band members are pursuing promising solo careers.

Let’s start with Nate Ruess and his 2015 album, ‘Grand Romantic’. The most well-known song on the album is ‘Nothing Without Love’, and I think it’s also the best. The song and the rest of the album really stick to the Fun. style, so if you’re missing Fun. and you’ve already listened to ‘Some Nights’ twice today, you should probably consider ‘Grand Romantic’. I really recommend it.

On to Jack Antonoff, the lead guitarist of Fun. Antonoff was already working on his own project, ‘Bleachers’, while still on tour with the Fun. band, and his second album as  Bleachers is due this summer. His first album, with the single ‘I Wanna Get Better‘ one of my favourite songs of all time, was quite a success. Bleachers songs have a lot of raw emotion in them, but the tunes are often really catchy. Antonoff already released two singles for his  new album, ‘Don’t Take The Money’ and ‘Hate That You Know Me’, and they’re promising. Bleachers come back with emotional lyrics and catchy tunes. Jack Antonoff might not have stuck to the Fun. sound like Nate Ruess did, but I still recommend giving the songs above a listen.

What is your opinion on Fun. breaking up and the band members’ solo careers?

Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Fun.

  1. I too have been a fan of Fun. since “Some Nights” became a hit. Their sound is warm yet visceral and real. I have heard some of Nate Reuss’s stuff and it does resemble Fun.’s sonic aesthetic. I am seeing Bleachers in concert in a few months, and reading this post is even more motivation to get more into them!

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