Mac Demarco

Hey, I’m back again with some new music.

If you’re looking for some chilled out, mellow background music, I have a recommendation for you: Mac Demarco. This Canadian singer, formerly of Makeout Videotape, describes his own music as ‘jizz jazz’, and that just might be the best term for it.

My favourite Demarco sing is Salad Days, and I think it also best describes his style. His most popular track (on Spotify) is Chamber Of Reflection, which is a bit more pronounced, and indeed best described as ‘jizz jazz’. Another really cool song is Ode To Viceroy, a ballad for his preferred brand of cigarettes (which I think is rather peculiar, but hey, he’s the artist here).

Demarco has already released three albums and a fourth is on the way, with three singles released, On The LevelMy Old Man and This Old Dog. These three tracks suggest that Mac is sticking to his old style, with jazzy tunes, an easy-going flow and a soft voice.

The new Mac Demarco album is planned to be released on May 5, and I  can’t wait for more of his music. The new singles are very promising.

If you really liked this kind of music, you should look up Makeout Videotape, Demarco’s previous project (I warn you, it’s not on Spotify).

Listen to a couple of his songs and let me know what you thought in the comments. Also, if you know any bands I might like, don’t hesitate and tell me!


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